Self-publishing on Amazon: I Am An Author!!!

AAAHHHH after months of PAINFUL researching and learning I have done it! I have learned and completed my first fully illustrated book for children which is available on amazon NOW for pre-order! The journey into self-publishing was one of the biggest learning curves I have ever had to take in my life and my god must I say, It is so rewarding!!! Seeing an idea turn into a physical copy in my hand brings me so much excitement I can not even express! With all my emotions bouncing around as our big road trip grows closer I decided to do this blog post to share with you my story that lead me to self publishing.

How It Began:

I can be sure that many of my fellow backpackers feel my pain when it comes to loved ones back at home. Parties and announcements that are treasured at home are missed due to our travels, so how do we fix the problem? Sharing and regular communication at home are not so difficult thanks to Facebook nut how do we connect with those who do not yet understand?

This is my little treasure. My six year old Niece Chloe. Isn’t she adorable?


Look at that little cute face!

So anyway, through my travels my eyes have opened to the world. As I see and explore I continuously think to myself the words I have heard as I grew through my life.

“What will you be when you grow up”


Such an innocent question but with no life. I refuse to ask Chloe as a six year old child to begin viewing where she would like to be in her adult life and changed this question to;

Where would you like to see when you grow up?

Since I began this question to my niece, I could see her mind wander. As a bounce from location to location, I share with her the most amazing places I have seen and experienced in hope that some day she may want to also, how could she dream if she does not know? It was from our discussion about the Great Barrier reef that I realized Chloe can only take so much information into her busy little mind. That where I decided to present her with a gift. A gift that I hope she will cherish for life!

The Idea.

Apart from trying to open Chloe’s eyes to the world, I missed being a part of her life, trying desperately against time differences, I conducted story telling through private YouTube links that I supplied to my sister Melissa so any night Chloe wanted me to read her a story, I was there. This was a huge success, however, Goldilocks, Little red riding hood and gingerbread man, Legends but boring? I wanted something for her to remember and so the idea was born. Killing two birds with the stone that was what I wanted to do. I began to obsess and the idea kept forming into a stronger picture. Sharing with her the wanders of the world while keeping something special for us she became more and more my muse. Writing in a language she would enjoy and hunting for illustrations she would adore, it formed. My first fully illustrated picture book of Chloe and I was created as reality took to picture format.

The Result.

I can be bias and say that I have fell in love with the final results of months of hard work, of course I would! What are your thoughts?? Have a sneak peak through the book trailer! of Butterfly Adventure and let me know! 🙂


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