Backpackers! Get a grip!

Hey guys! So as you know if you have been following my travels on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube you would know we are currently in Australia! Life here is fantastic! Located in Cairns, here we have decided to stay for the next five months. Working hard to save for our next adventure throughout Australia. So anyway guys, for those of you who have subscribed to me on YouTube you may have seen my latest video “Backpackers Begging? Seriously”. Realising this is the new trend across Asia has not only sickened me to my core as I come home from work exhausted as I save and work to support my lifestyle but has also feel it has brought shame to the carefree and fantastic life of backpacking. My disgust goes beyond the ability to write about my thoughts as I was so infuriated by this fact while experiencing a backpackers break down. Feel free to watch my YouTube video in the link below and share your thoughts back with me! Much Love! Shauna xxxx



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