What To Do In Bali? Party? Explore? Or Relax?

I Love Bali!!! An Indonesian island that is both volcanic and tropical! After arriving in Bali and shaking off the arrival headace which I explain and cover what this is in my earlier post Transport Around Bali? it was time to begin our adventure! The same question is asked no matter where you land, Where will we start? Well of course, this can be decided by what you want. The main areas of Bali for Tourism is Kuta, Ubud and Lovina. All containing their own special features to attract you and aid you into the area of the holiday you wish to begin.

What To Do In Kuta?


Kuta is party central. Flocking with tourists intending on catching some day rays and letting their hair down at night Kuta is where you need to be to party. I personally did not visit Kuta as I had just left the Phi Phi Islands and drank enough to put my liver to the test, I do know from experience away from Kuta that alcohol is not cheap! Similar to the prices of alcohol in Ireland and England, you can catch a good deal as many bars create all day deals and cocktail happy hour price drops to attract custom to their establishment. Although similar price for us, for places such as Australia or America, this is a great place to party cheap!


Missing this activity by one day I was so upset to miss the activity with the turtles that did attract me to Kuta. After missing it and not going to Kuta, its on the list for the next time! In Kuta The Bali Sea Turtle Society gather to release baby turtles that have hatched from their eggs the night before to the sea. A cute and amazing experience as you aid this little cutie to his natural home and begin his life and grow. As the Bali Sea Turtle Society can not determine when the turtles will be released into the sea until the night before, keep an eye throughout your stay in Kuta on their Facebook page. Don’t forget to tell me all about your experience! I was so sad I missed it!!

What To Do In Ubud.

Monkey Forest

If you are in Bali, GO TO MONKEY FOREST!!!! I promise you will not be disappointed! I loved monkey forest! A perfect example against the caging of aminals for humanity to stare and awh for hours on end but instead actually walk beside these semi wild animals and have the ability to feed them as you are supervised by the experienced locals. Upon walking through the forest it was so nice to see the monkeys climb the gate walls to the other side of their sanctuary and then return on their own accord. The experience itself was amazing however to all humans I feel the need to advice you. Upon stepping into monkey forest we no longer rule. This is their sanctuary, read the signs and abide to them accordingly, we no longer rule as we walk through monkey forest. It is amazing! Like a different world! Check them out  Here for prices and opening times! Take a look for yourself at the experience of monkey forest!


The Rice Fields

Watching the farmers do what they do best and witnessing the vibrant greenery and structure of the rice fields of Bali is simply amazing. Free to enter but with donations along the way prepare yourself and have small change for complete access through out the fields. Upon entering the fields you will soon find yourself lost, as did we, a huge scale maze containing miles of beauty watching the production of the rice is a must do when visiting Ubud. Avoid any tours to the Rice fields as they are free to enter. I would recommend hiring a bike if you are a confidant driver as the roads are chaotic or getting a taxi. Avoid hiring a driver, unless he is also willing to guide you through the fields.


Kanto Lampo WaterFalls.

Ubud is not famous for its waterfalls but if your in the area visit Kanto Lampo! Adviced by a local, Danny and I decided to put it on our list and we could not have been happier with this advice! After paying a small entrance fee of 25k Rp Each we began our short walk to the waterfall. After arriving a local showed us through the waterfall and took my phone with care to take pictures of us! Delighted with the results we could not have thanked our local waterfall guide enough and made sure to tip him nicely. This is my favourite photo, half way up the waterfall and feeling the water crashing down was so cool I can not even begin the express! Just look at the results!

Waterfall. Kanto Lamp.jpg

Talk about professional photography without the heavy price tag! Much more came from our experience in Kanto Lampo check out more pictures on our Instagram

Lovina Beach


Located up north of Bali, as you make your way to Lovina you can enjoy the scenic views of the mountains and volcano of Bali. Filled with a choice of black beaches for you to choose from, sunbathing in Lovina on the beach with a cocktail in hand is the perfect relaxation cure from busy life. Although supplied around Bali, as Lovina is a more relaxed location why not treat yourself to a Balinese massage? Very different to the twisting and cracking massages of Thailand, A Balinese massage works deeps into your muscles throughout your body to result in a complete release of tension. The best massage you will get in your life. I Promise!!



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