What You Need After You Arrive In Australia!

We are in Australia!! So, What do we do now? Apart from experiencing the wonderful land of Australia of course! For hours I was writing this blog posts and found I was actually writing so much information on “Important stuff” It was so boring! So instead of boring you with hours of reading on Banks, Tax File Numbers, The best Sim Card to choose and what is Super annuation (also known as your super account) I have decided to just tell you about it! After taking to YouTube and making a 4 part series of “What to Do after You Arrive In Australia” I have divided everything you need to know and what I recommend into whatever category you need to know at whatever time you need it! With that just pick the video you want to find out information on first and enjoy! Don’t forget to give us a big BIG LIKE and subscribe for more information on backpacking across the world!


Super account


Sim Card



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