Transport Around Bali?

After our recent trip to Bali I found a lot of information was either no longer correct or even non-existent! After our trip to Thailand we expected pretty similar but oh how we were wrong! After arriving in the airport we were greeted kindly by staff to welcome us to their country. Excited and ready to go we made our way through the airport, before I get into Bali itself I feel I should maybe prepare you for your arrival experience.

Getting Through The Airport In Bali.

When we arrived the Bali airport was very quiet, almost empty! As we moved through the terminals and down to the visa arrival station we discovered their was 2 lines awaiting visa approval. The first one for visitors staying for over 30 days, our line for a visa for less than 30 days was passed this and further down the terminal, honestly you cant miss it! After we began to line up we realised we had not obtained the same visa approval sheet as many others had from their airline and there was none to be seen. Don’t Panic! This is perfectly ok for the time you will spend in Bali. After getting our passports stamped and moving through the terminals again you will come to the “Declare” section of the airport. This is where you will need to fill in your details before passing through. Assuming it was only for objects to declare, we were very wrong and sent to the back of the line, please try to avoid this. It was very annoying and we felt pretty silly!

Checked, stamped and approved we were in Bali!!! Bursting through the doors we prepared ourselves for the war of taxi drivers we had read about. Keeping the name “BlueBird Taxi” in mind we felt prepared against any rip offs of unfair taxis and over costing shuttle buses provided by our hotel. DO NOT TAKE THIS ADVICE!!! After been warned of the aggressive airport taxis I felt I was prepared but I promise you now, nothing can prepare you for what we encountered. Surrounded by 4-5 different drivers following us as we walked trying to obtain our custom it was a blood bath and piercing headache. Not the greeting you want on arrival. After been advice our an Uber or Bluebird taxi, we took our chances with Uber first. Our first driver increased the price, as did the second and third and so on. Frustrated we followed another bloggers advice and left the airport and found the all reputable BlueBird taxis, who was non-the-less the same price and aggressiveness as the airport taxis. Annoyed, tired and eager to get away we gave in and took the blue bird taxi who we had managed to decrease the price with. Thankfully!

My main advice to anyone coming to Bali for the first time is arrange a shuttle or a lift with your hotel!

Although we decreased the price, trust me it was not worth the headache. A blog once told me arranging so with your hotel would result in you being over charged. This is not true, I so wish we did that so trust me, if you decide to go against my advice please make sure to exit the airport with full battle uniform equipped and get ready to go to war.

Getting around Bali.

After leaving the Airport and arriving in Ubud, we were glad to crack open a beer and put our heads to rest! The next day was a new day, another day for adventure. So how do you get around Bali? Of course moving around the city’s are by foot but when you want to venture further out what public transport can you get? Easy! There is none! The roads of Bali are way to small and congested to support the existing traffic so public buses or trains are pretty much non-existent.  For Uber and Grab lovers! Sorry but in Bali, huge online company’s such as these are banned. As you stroll through Bali you will notice a lot of signs stating they are not welcome in many areas as they like to keep business local. A pain I know but come on, can we really blame them? So that’s what you cant do, what can you do?

Hire a driver

From a lot of agencys or simply speaking to a taxi driver on the street, don’t worry you will have your choices, you can hire a driver for the day. This means setting a price with the individual to cater for all your driving needs throughout the day. Perfect for Waterfall visits and sight seeing but prepare to feel rushed to obtain your experience as you will want to get your moneys worth. A cheap price for a driver can range from 600k plus so make sure to shop around.

Rent a bike

Renting a motorbike to venture the outskirts of where you want to see is perfect! Often available from your hotel or hostel, obtaining a bike is a cheaper option of any driving needs, However, be warned, I only advice this to confidant drivers. Before you take to the road, take in the chaos of the traffic in Bali. No rules apply while driving in Bali. A one way street? No, just go where you want, when you want. You will also find as you begin to drive in Bali, GPS is your best friend. With next to no road signs trying to find your destination can be impossible without a GPS, straight away you think that is no problem, but remember your on a moped in chaotic traffic, be careful while looking at your phone and always wear a helmet!

Rent a Car.

When driving long distances, hiring a car is the safest method of transport. We decided to hire a car as we ventured from Ubud to the North in order to celebrate the Balinese New Year, Nyapi. Although taking 2 and a half hours, transport was very slow due to multiple twisting and turning roads and congested traffic. Between chaos and temperamental weather we were happy with our choice and advice the same to others when taking long distance trips. Your safe, comfortable and its much easier to navigate with GPS. Speaking of GPS, For anyone taking the same journey as us from Ubud up north beware of our friend GPS. The drive itself was fantastic! However mister GPS tried to nearly kill us and sent us down a “fast road” This was not a road but instead rubbled rocks up a steep hill. After getting the car back down safely we took the slightly longer route and ventured around the mountain.

Since my phone decided to give up before I could transfer all my photos of our car and Moped and some of the mountain drive I have lost a lot of them but thankfully for Instagram Love2LiveTravel you can enjoy our journey in Bali there! Keep an Eye on this blog for my next post “Bali on a Budget” Until then Guys! xxx

After seeing Danau Batur lake, you will begin to venture higher up the mountain. As you increase you GPS will tell you to turn left down off the main road and down a small lane. AVOID! Keep to the main road and drive around the mountain. You will re-join the same road your GPS has adviced and you will never forget the sights you are about to witness!


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