What To Do On The Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.


As we began our journey to the Phi Phi islands from Chiang Mai, the journey was a little bit of a long one, a 25 hour one to be exact. 2 over night buses, our first stop in Bangkok then to Krabi town and a boat to the island, we found ourselves exhausted.

“Remember” Other methods to the same destination is available. If you found yourself stuck for time but with extra cash, catch the next plane for Krabi from Chang Mai or Bangkok Airport to save yourself the dreaded over night bus experience.

Although exhausted and grubby, we were excited to reach our destination at the cheap cost of 489 Baht per person to Bangkok, 389 Baht per person to Krabi and 400 Baht per person to Koh Phi Phi. Not bad for travelling from north to south! If your like us or even just want to experience the overnight bus life allow us to help you get a little bit more comfortable and guide you on what you need for your trip on an overnight bus.

“Remember” As the island is known as party central and constantly full with inconsiderate tourists littering the island, a 20 Baht entry fee is applicable to all who enter the island for the work done by the locals to keep littering controlled. A fair price for an amazing experience!

What to do

View Point

Experiencing the view point is an activity beyond words, unknowing of what we were getting into we charged up the Islands steep mountain delighted to face what we met. I have read through many great writers articles that a picture can tell 100 words. When hiking through the mystical forest of Koh Phi Phi, to gain a picture to justify the experience was simply impossible. With that in mind enjoy our YouTube video as you step through with us to the peak of Koh Phi Phi.


Who likes to party?? We like to party!!! And where else to party than on an island off the main land of Thailand!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! 🙂 Known for its pumping music and exhilarating fire flying shows, there is no better place in this world to blow off some steam then indulging yourself in the islands famous alcoholic buckets as you dance along the beach surrounded by many more party lovers! A party on Koh Phi Phi is a party like no other!

Day Trip

What is a trip to Thailand without a trip to the Islands famous Maya Bay? The setting destination of the world wide movie called, “The Beach”. Upon meeting other backpackers, I found a lot of them decided to miss out on the experience as they found the day trip was too, touristy. True but its touristy for a reason, they missed out big time! There is multiple offers for day trips including a half day package or a full day package, a big boat with all the comforts of home or a long-tailed boat. Ill be honest, Danny and I went for the Thailand experience and we could not have been happier with our choice! The cheapest and most enjoyable experience we spent a full day being taxied around to various locations by an Authentic Long Tailed boat. Guided by a local we visited many locations including Shark Point for snorkelling, Bamboo island for adventuring, Monkey beach to meet the monkeys, Maya Bay for photos and a hidden, shallow lagoon for swimming. If that was not enough we were provided with meals throughout the day, water to keep hydrated, a stop at sunset point then finished with a swim with plankton. Unfortunately we managed to board with a bunch of posers who “Wanted to go back to the island” to drink no doubt so missed swimming with plankton but at least it was a part of the tour, we just hope you get a boat of real adventurers! Although disappointed with our group, we will still never forget the day we received and promise you wont either! Only 650 Baht a full day trip is money well spent! Keep in mind an extra charge of 400 Baht has come into play due to the destruction from tourists to the national parks. A little pricy but worth it! 🙂

Longtailed boats Thailand
Long Tailed Boats of Thailand. Our taxi for the day!
Maya Bay
Maya Beach, We could see why its so famous!!
Monkey beach
Monkey beach, Aggressive monkeys due to tourists so be cautious and DONT FEED THE MONKEYS!!!!!*I did not feed this monkey, a silly woman did and this monkey got very aggressive*
Danny Thailand. Day Trip.
Over looking the lagoon we swam in
Bamboo island Thailand
A Christmas tree defying odds on Bamboo island




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