Shopping for a Backpacker made easy!

As a backpacker I realised the struggles my family and friends faced when wanting to purchase something to help with my travels. Asking me “What do I need” its very difficult to determine what a person on the go will actually use and bring along on their travels. After a 10 month experience in Mallorca and breaking my suitcase in London, I determined with great ease exactly what a backpacker would need to maximise their travel capacity and minimise their travel weight.

When leaving Mallorca and beginning to pack our suitcases for the journey home, you would not believe how much we acuminated that was of semimetal value and others that was of requirement for our upcoming travels. Leaving clothes, towel’s, equipment and presents from Birthdays, Christmas and New Years behind, we were still over the 20kg limit for our flights home. Chancing it (Thank you nice man at bag drop) we boarded the plane without a problem. Upon landing in London and lugging our luggage around London, my suitcase broke from the numerous stairs on the tube losing its wheels and making our trip to Liverpool Street that bit heavier. Nightmare right? After the dreadful experience of leaving semimetal value behind, creating further costs and shoulder pains we decided to take action and address the problem accordantly. After shopping until I dropped, I found the answer to my families questions. If your little backpacker is missing any of these products, you might just save them the same dramas as we encountered.

Waterproof Phone Case.


Perfect in size and function, a trip to the beach is no longer a juggle of uneasy watching your belongings while trying to enjoy a blissful dip in the water. With your phone strapped safely around your neck, enjoy the water and enjoy.

Pill Box


Another great personal protection for the beach. Every backpacker knows to never, ever carry all your cash but what do you do when you want to indulge yourself in a swift cocktail while sunbathing? This pillbox is your answer! Although traditionally used for the transport of your daily medication, this pillbox is compact and air tight. Easily clipped to your swimming togs and easily concealed, risk of wetting of losing valuable travel cash is eliminated.

Microfiber Towel


Sick of heavy and stinky towels dragging sand and dirt everywhere you go?? Ditch the weights and the agro with this quick dry and compact towel to guide you along your travels! Simply strap to the side of your backpack and off you go.



Book worms!! Your prayers have been answered! Leaving your beloved time passing books behind is heart breaking but bringing them along can be back breaking! The answer? Kindle!! Ebooks!!! Hours of reading without the weight, with this kindle you can read to your hearts content to pass the time through those overnight bus trips and lengthy flights.

Travel Lust Accessories



Backpackers love the world and base their life around their lifestyle, a sweet little present for a wander lover to remind them of the famous quote for backpackers, “All who wander is not lost”



Pretty and meaningful, this pretty little bracelet delivers more than just words with its simple engraving of “Wanderlust”.



Light and taking zero backpack capacity, a swinging key ring not only brings your bag style and wander grace but also an image. With personal and visible belongings with meaning, determine your bag with easy thanks to its own personal image.

Scratch Map.


Not an essential, but come on, how cute is scratching off the countries that you have visited? Memory’s literally scratched into your life!

Day Pack


No matter how much a backpacker loves their backpack, for day trips we do not need the hassle of dragging and dropping all of our personal belongings for a simple day trip. Lightweight, tear resistant, water resistant and equipped with 3 sections perfect for organisation your set for whatever adventures are set ahead of you.

Non Leak, Filter Water bottle


While visiting hot countries keeping hydrated is extremely important. As we can not drink from most taps across the world continues purchases of travel compact bottles of water can be both costly and frustrating. With this non leak and trendy water bottle, complete with a water cleansing filter, purchasing costs are reduced while keeping hydration maintained

Travel Journal


Blogging itself is a memorable keepsake of the adventures undertook by travel. Online and easily accessed, memories are kept safe. With the dying fashion of paper, online writing is the next big fashion, however, there is nothing more satisfying than turning pages as you reminisce away from the glaring screen of technology. Sticking sim cards and samples of sand from around the world, a travel journal is a future keepsake to be cherished.

For your little backpacker, shopping with the keywords, Non leak, Water resistant and compact is essential. Travelling the world with your life on your back can be a heavy and exhausting experience anything bulky and water observant is a big no. With the basic products above you can ensure your little backpacker a trendy and more comfortable trip across the world. All products above is based in England and may be subject to countries of shipping due to the sellers discretion. If you encounter any difficulties, other sellers may supply the postage services you require for a similar product.

The products above is apart of an Amazon Affiliate programme. As an affiliate of amazon a small percentage of your purchases will be awarded to us at no extra cost to you. A little for us and a product for you. We all win!! 🙂



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