Ever wanted to sleep in a Japanese Capsule Hotel? *Guest Post*

Am amazing post from Becky the Traveller on the new capsule hotel  craze based in Japan! Learn more right here in Becky’s post! I have never heard of such a thing but now is on the list!!!! 🙂 Thank you Becky The Traveller for this amazing information!! 🙂

Becky the Traveller

The Capsule Hotel craze is becoming ever more popular with tourists visiting Japan. I have to admit it’s definitely something I wanted to experience, regardless of whether it was too touristy! The realisation of the popularity became all too clear on arrival, seeing lots of suitcases in the reception area…. the reason they were there became clearer a little later on.

What happens when you arrive?

Like everything in Japan, the check-in process is very efficient. You’re handed two keys, one for a little locker, which you pop your outdoor shoes in (don’t forget to take these off  when you arrive) and you’re given some stylish slippers to wear. The second key is for your big locker which is on a separate floor.

Girls versus boys

The Capsule Hotel I stayed in (see My Recommends) had no mixed rooms, in fact there was no mixed anything. The lift to take me to…

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