Top 5 On The Bucket List Of 2017/2018

2017!! Woho!!!!! The year of the beginning through the big adventure for Danny and I! Venturing the Thailand, Bali, Australia and Nepal here is the top 5 experiences that shine at the top of my Bucket List! 🙂

Sky Diving

I will actually cry. The very thought of sky diving is both terrifying and exhilarating. Jumping from a plane and plunging to the ground only to be saved by a parachute on your back is sure to send shivers up your spine but after you have done it, you will want to do it again. Upon my travels, I met a few people who have already experienced the thrill of sky diving and tried to describe their experience to me. Struggling to determine the correct words to explain their experience each person described sky diving as “Like flying”
Sky dive.jpg
Huge Thank you to Becky The Traveller. For this amazing photograph! Check out more of Beckys amazing photos on her Instagram

Shark diving

How many times have you replayed the movie “Jaws” as you were growing up?? If your like me, a lot! The existence of sharks have exploded for years across the biz world growing in fascination rapidly. The King Kong of underwater why sit back and amaze yourself at your choice of your favourite shark movie when you can experience it for yourself! Maybe not exactly like you see on movies but instead protected by a steel cage and surrounded by professionals you can peer into the natural habitat of the king of the underword and see a great white shark up close! A full day tour, sure to be a day never to forget, I turned to Clypso Star, Shark cage Diving.   Bring me to Australia to see these famous creatures of the sea!
Website Cover.

Feed a baby Tiger.

Chang Mai Tiger zoo in Thailand! AAHH!!! The cuteness of the hand raised tigers by the zoo keepers of Tiger Kingdom you have the opportunity to hold the child of the king of the jungle and feed him/her a bottle. Awh!!!! As a cat lover I can not wait to get my arms around this big kitty cats of cuteness! Check out location and prices with ease on the Tiger Kingdoms website, Tiger Kingdom
Huge thank you to Caitlin for this picture.

Release a baby turtle to the sea.

Bali Sea Turtle Society. An amazing non-profit organisation that dedicated all year around hard work to the protection to Sea Turtles. Amazed by their work, I found the organisation also works hand in hand with the public. On the hatching of the sea turtles, hundreds of people gather to a meeting point on Kuta beach where the public can receive one baby turtle. After receiving your turtle you then line at the beach where the public release this magnificent creature to its home together. The sheer thought of this simple but extremely rewarding experience to help these little dudes return home excites me to jump to Bali right away! 🙂
Bali Sea Turtle Society website, Check out all their magnificent work on Balisea Turtle and like them on their Facebook to keep up to date with their release dates and further activities! 🙂


Fly Around Mount Everest.

Who does not want to come face to face with the mother mountain of the world Mount Everest. After a previous post I done *WARNING!* Nepal just got sexier, I was more and more amazed as I read through the Mount Everest Flight Visit Himalaya Treks offered. Safely guided through the ridged mountains of Nepal high enough in the sky to witness the remote corners that unleash the true beauty of Nepal and shows this fantastic country in all its glory. Close enough to the peak of the world you feel you can reach out and touch it who wouldn’t like to say they would like to be apart of a private tour around one of the worlds wonders?
Fabulous shot from Buddha Air
Bring on the footsteps through the world of 2017/2018!! 🙂 What is on your bucket List??

2 thoughts on “Top 5 On The Bucket List Of 2017/2018

  1. I loved skydiving. A lot of fun and not scary once you’re out of the plane. Shark diving is also on my list. I think cage diving with great whites would be supper cool.


    1. I can not wait to put my hand to it! I have never heard a bad review about sky diving! 🙂 Where did you sky dive?? I find the sheer thought of been face to face with a mighty animal such as a great white fascinating! Ah! so much to do!! 🙂


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