4 Unsaid Struggles Of A Backpacker.

Ok so lets get serious. Yes the life of travel is amazing and oh my god the experiences of the world embeds memories into your mind that you will never forget, However, with all the wonderful stories of the world and encouragement to “get up and go” there are some struggles in the lifestyle of travel you need to be aware of. When I took off into the world excited and eager to open the next chapter of my life I did not stop to prepare myself of these struggles that I would be facing. Shocked by what I have met in the world, I have decided to share these struggles with you to help you prepare yourself for the catch while travelling.

Family and Friends.

Yes we all miss our mammy’s and daddy’s and the social gatherings of all your friends back home but this is an expected problem faced by many as they undertake a lifestyle of travel. Focusing solely on the immediate problems, a huge factor of family is often forgotten about. As I accepted the terms with contacting my family and friends over Facebook very easily, I did not worry about the common home bird fear until I realised that as I travelled from location to location I was left with no choice but to see my beautiful niece Chloe grow into the person she is today via Facebook. Although friends and family mean a lot, nieces and nephews come into a completely different category when you take your steps across the world. They mean more, their growth hurts more each time you visit home, their personalities shock you and their talents blow your mind as the baby you knew when you last returned home is now becoming more and more of an adult each day. Prepare yourself for these emotions and think of creative ways to maintain a part of your loved ones life. An example of maintaining a part of their lives, my niece has a fairy godmother named Shana that likes to send her post cards from around the world. 😉



The little piece of paper that rules the worlds daily activity is always a factor to many people. Travelling or not we always count those little pennies in a frail attempt to make the most out of what we have. Supporting my travels through employment abroad, moments have arose on numerous occasions where I have found myself broke and unable to afford to do the nice things that girls like to have. Some people get very depressed by this common factor and others accept it. When travelling be prepared to scrap by on the minimum essentials, forget the pictures on Facebook and Instagram and say goodbye to the expensive brand of mascara you like. Yes there will be times where you can afford to treat yourself to a beautiful hotel abroad with a sea view pool but I am sorry to inform you, you will pee in a hole and wash yourself with a jug to save yourself some cash. To a backpacker, every little bit helps.



The inevitable catch to life is we die. When people pass, the ceremony of mourning and paying your respects to the passed loved one is a hard and painful event we all must face, however, when you are 10 thousand miles away from home the feeling of mourning steps to a whole new level. Flying home to pay your respects is not always an option for many reasons. My puppy Kiara slipped away into the after life after complications while delivering her puppies known today as Lucy and Lilly. For the passing of Kiara, flying home to say goodbye was not an option due to financial complications and peak season employment. Heartbroken and feeling helpless to be there for the puppy I had raised, I now was left with no choice but to bid her farewell from over seas. Your pets are your family, they hurt just as much as someone close to you when they pass.


Bad Experience.

Ok, lets face it, shit happens. A bad experience while away from your comfort zone maximises the feeling of venerability on the world. Bad things happen no matter where you go in the world and if your unfortunate enough they will happen to you. When abroad be prepared to battle the difficulties we face in the world to a whole new level as you need to strengthen your mentality to over come the barriers that slap us in the teeth. From being robbed to a stranger acting unsettling towards you these things happen. Be prepared and keep safe.


Travelling is an experience that will never be forgotten by anyone who undertakes the first steps into the world. I shared with you these struggles as life is not full of rainbows and flowers, it does entail some struggles. When planning your steps into the world ensure to prepare yourself for the unexpected. The good times will over come the bad while travelling, you just need to be prepared to accept life and enjoy the world for what it is 🙂


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