A Safari In Tanzania, Can We Go Yet?

From the time that Danny and I met, we have ventured to many zoos to witness the beautiful animals that roam the wilderness. Unfortunately, we have decided to limit our visits to zoos in future as each time we visit a zoo we can not help but feel sorry for the poor animals that are locked away from their own territory solely for the selfish benefit of man-kind. Our love for animals are strong and our curiosity to experience more of these magnificent animals grow more each day so we decided, why not visit the animals in their own territory? What is travelling without a Safari trip anyway? The opportunity to be apart of nature in its true form without the restricted space for these animals that were born to roam the world just as much as we do.

For those who follow us on Instagram you already know I love it! As Danny sleeps on in the morning I love nothing more than to sit with my morning cup of tea and nosey at what the world has to offer. Upon my morning nosey, I stumbled across Gideon Tanzania Safari Instagram where I was amazed by the beautiful pictures of the African animals where they belong in the world. My interest peaked at the safaris amazing photos of any animal you can imagine, what interested me the most was the feel of actual safari life that the Instagram account gave, here is just a few photos from the account that grasped my attention.


Could you imagine such an experience? As Danny arose from his slumber I showed him what I have found and he was instantly hooked. Wanting more details, we took to the businesses website Gideon Tanzania Safari where we were pleasantly pleased by what we had seen. An independent business, built solely on life of the wild, choices of budget and luxury was offered to us. Investigating further into the business we began to EAK with excitement, (Ok I eaked, Girl thing I suppose) at the range of services, amazing hot air balloon experiences, camping, hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, protected safari rides along side with experiences staff and even Camel or horse rides! I may sound a bit of a hippy to a lot of people from this post but this is how the wild should be ventured, this is how the wild should be experienced and this is exactly how we intend to experience the land of Africa. Be one with the animals, don’t cage these magical creations. Check out more Safari adventures on YouTube! 🙂


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