2 easy steps to save you ££ when travelling in England.

When we think “England” of course we think London but what about the rest of England? The capital will always be the main attraction when it comes to advice, hints and tips but the time will come when  you want to escape the London hustle and bustle and see the rest of the of foundation that is The United Kingdom. As Danny and I began to plan our travels to Norwich from London we decided to share with you how we saved a bunch of money by being prepared when getting from A to B around England.

Step 1: Having a plan.

Know where you want to go and what you want to see. As a spontaneous backpacker I love jumping on a bus or into a taxi and just naming a location to explore just as much as the next person, however, known as an expensive country, planning your trip around England and researching more affordable times you will be surprised with how far your money can stretch when you travel prepared.

Step 2: Pre-book transport tickets online.


With our plan to travel from London, Liverpool street to Norwich City, we researched the best times for and method for transportation. With our flight landing late and wanting to reaching our destination we decided to take the train to speed up our trip. Although wanting to get to Norwich, by researching our ticket prices with Easy Rail we were able to determine when was the best price time to travel as the prices tend to fluctuate due to rush hour. Flexible within reason for time due to our speedy choice of transport we chose our time, leaving us with an hour to kill in London. Make sure not to go wild while travelling about London or your cost effective choice becomes pointless.


If your up early and have time on your hands, travelling with National express can bring you to where ever you want for a very cheap price, as this is a bus expect to be travelling for a longer time but in terms of cost effective taking the bus is super cheap. Not only catering for London to Norwich or London to Manchester, National express also combined its services with other buses across Europe to create transport from London to Paris and much more. How cool is that!! As tempting as these services are travelling around England is our main goal for this post. On the National express page I found a Brit Xplorer Pass. Costing from as little as £79, depending on your desired travel class, for 7 days travelling, this pass allows you to travel across England, Scotland and Wales for an UNLIMITED AMOUNT during your pass validate time saving you a ridiculous amount of £££££. Make sure if you avail of this pass to take full advantage of this and travel as far as you can. As a week is not a lot of time to see as much as you may want to see, think in distance for your travels and don’t be afraid to sleep on a bus every now and again 🙂

By following these 2 easy steps Danny and I saved ourselves a ridiculous £80 by simply planning ahead and booking our transport online. With this extra cash we now have extra cash to see and spend on what we like. You can do the same with your cash and send yourself travelling a lot further for a lot more for your buck.


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