Answering a bloggers questions, In person!

Hello Everyone!!! 🙂

So as you can imagine trying to determine what you would like to know about us can be a little difficult. To try and beat this blasted curse we have teamed up with mOhitArTs and asked each other 10 #personal questions about our travels that we thought you may like to know!!! 🙂

mOhitArTs designed the following questionnaire for us to answer. Check out our #answers on #YouTube below!!

1) Brief a bit about yourself
2) A little about your hometown
3) How did you got over naming your channel
4) What all hurdles you faced?
5) Your favourite place
6) The worst experience while traveling
7) One place you’ve always wanted to visit
😎 Are you a solo or family traveller
9) Are you a budget traveller or a luxury one
10) Did you ever make long lasting friends while traveling

In return we asked mOhitArTs the following question for him to share with us! Check out his answers on YouTube!

1.Where is your first destination you have travelled?

2.Why do you travel?

3.What is the strangest food you have ate abroad?

4.Where is the most time you spent abroad and why?

5.What is your favourite, that you have visited, heritage from your home land?

6.What future adventure are you most excited for?

7.What grabbed you to gain the “Travel Bug”?

8.Where is your top location on your bucket list?

9.Do you prefer to travel solo or with a partner?

10.Why have you started blogging?

Don’t be shy to ask us any further questions you would like to know! We are happy to share! 🙂


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