Farewell Mallorca.

After 10 months on the romantic island of Mallorca where Danny and I first began our travels as a couple, our time here has come to an end. Saying goodbye to our comfy home and all our friends has proven to be harder than we initially expected considering we have such exciting plans ahead of us. The first quick drink and “Goodbye” turned into a lot of drinks, reminiscing and several hugs with hidden tears of immediate sorrow. #Mallorca has offered us a lot for such a small island, its where we met, where we worked, where we lived, where we planned our next adventures and its where we grew fat as we rested throughout the Winter. Apart from living in #Mallorca we have expressed so much emotions on the island, as we stood still in awe of its beautiful landscape, cried as we received bad news from home, laughed with new life long friends even got so mad at our bosses! Mallorca has offered us a lot though our stay in rain and shine it will always hold a special place in our hearts as this was our first country abroad that we called #home.

Words can only express so much about the natural beauty of Mallorca and the emotion we hold for this beautiful island. With great #memories we have designed the slide show to try and invite you to the emotions we feel as we say goodbye to our temporary home.  To read more on what Mallorca has to offer check out our posts What to do in Mallorca, Summer edition. and What to do Mallorca, Winter Edition. Until next time Mallorca, England here we come!! xxx

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