What to do Mallorca, Winter Edition.

Mallorca, A popular island of sun, sand and sea during the summer months of April until October, as we reviewed in an earlier post What to do in Mallorca, Summer edition. As the summer passes and the climate begins to cool, the island of Mallorca begins to shut down its businesses in its tourist resorts and the seasonal workers reside back home or to a #winter resort to search for work such as Austria or Tenerife. As tumble weeds roll through the deserted resorts and the builders begin to graft through reconstruction and decorations on hotels and restaurants for the upcoming summer, thoughts grow of “what would a tourist do in the winter in Mallorca”. Due to our upcoming trip to Australia, my parents decided to visit us in Mallorca during the month of January for 2 weeks. This visit being their first trip to Mallorca, Danny and I began to brainstorm what to do through out their visit to allow my parents to experience #Mallorca for what the island truly is.

Serra De Tramuntana

As described in our earlier post What to do in Mallorca, Summer edition. #Serra De Tramuntana, also known as the backbone of Mallorca is filled with breath-taking sights of the pinecone covered valleys. A Trip to the mountains is worth the experience regardless of its season. A popular tourist attraction, I found our excursion to Serra De Tramuntana in January a much more pleasing experience. Although the chilling breeze from the Mediterranean sent us racing back to the car on a number of occasions, the moments that you stand at the view points you tend to forget about the crisp air and soak up all the beauty that nature has created. P.s, A stop in Soller for an orange juice is a simple must!

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Daily Markets

An Island filled with culture and craftwork, the streets of Mallorca take turns in their respected city’s holding various street markets suitable for everyone’s taste. Jumping into the car bright one Thursday morning, we made our way to Inca, the second largest city on the Island after the capital, #Palma. Known for its large market we eagerly awaited to arrive in Inca. After parking the car and awaiting to embark on our experience the clouds decided to open up and unleased an almighty wave of rain that shut the street market quiet rapidly. Not believing our luck we browsed the various markets still holding strong against the rain. Filled with handmade shoes and designer scarves, we indulged ourselves various episodes of bargaining and buying. Many of the marketers were very kind and helpful as they practiced their selling techniques in English and complimented Danny and I as we helped translating for my parents when we could from Spanish to English. A delightful day out despite the# rain, roaming through the markets of Mallorca brings a true sense of #Spain to any visit.

For more information on the markets in Mallorca, visit “abc-Mallorca.com” by following the link provided here -> Where are the markets and when


A city that never sleeps, Palma offers anything from clubbing to shopping throughout the winter months. As Danny and I slept, My parents ventured off to experience the islands capital alone. With plans to meet them and visit the Cathedral on Santa Maria, we were disappointed to learn that I had read the summer opening times for the Cathedral instead of the winter. Please note if you would like to visit the Gothic Cathedral of Mallorca the opening times for the winter months is 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday and closed on weekends. Despite the disappointing news Danny and I had, I was surprised as I rang my parents and they were perfectly fine with this news. After a day of shopping and venturing around Palma, my parents rang to inform us when they were ready to be collected. Filled with many stories and sangria, they expressed that the resident’s and business owners  of Palma welcomed their huge beacons over their heads screaming TOURISTS! Learning the Spanish language from Spanish residence and speaking of their homeland, Ireland, my parents have expressed their experience of Palma as a #cultural city filled with kind and welcoming #locals.

Caves of Drac

Throughout our seasons in Mallorca, Danny and I have always intended to visit the popular Caves of Drac but due to work never had the time. After our visit to the caves in January we were glad we had not gained a chance during the summer months. Driving from the South East village of Palmanova to the Western village Porto Cristo may seam like a long and dreary drive. Surprisingly, only taking 1 hour and 15 minutes we arrived to the caves with time to enjoy a swift pint, (a coffee for Danny) before we made our way up the 200m walk to the entrance of the caves. The walk towards the caves was a memorable experience itself, as we found ourselves surrounded by nature, the green leaves of the trees and the sound of the smashing waves in the distance. As we descended into the caves with the small crowed that gathered, Danny and I could have only imagined the heat and hustling crowd the summer months. Happy with our chosen time to experience the caves, we were amazed from the first step through these magnificent stalagmite and stalactite  sculptures formed underground. Paths still visible from ancient times and unsoiled turquoise waters. The entire experience is finished beautifully with a 10 minute classical music concert preformed on light up rowing boats that reflected off the water like a mirror. We too obtained a chance to drift 25m below ground level through the cave on a similar non-light up fabulous rowing boats before you ventured towards the end of our guided tour. We highly recommend a trip to the #Caves of Drac but advised greatly to carry out your experience throughout the winter months to avoid lengthy queuing and over crowded tours. For more information regarding times, prices and travel clink into the official page of The Caves of Drac here -> Caves of Drac Information

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Although not as glamourous as the summer season, a winter in Mallorca expels the tourism of the island and welcomes the culture of residential life. Wrapped in scarves and jumpers on evening excursions and clouded days, these 4 attractions show the true beauty of Mallorca while enjoying a relaxing holiday abroad, not to sun, sea and sand, but to peace, culture and tranquillity, away from the rush of life. Overall my parents enjoyed their 2 weeks in Mallorca, feeling no guilt while embracing the full advantage of lazy and hungover days on the couch, practicing the Spanish language with locals and experiencing the attractions of Mallorca without the horrid cost of heavy humidity, sunburn, sleepless nights due to heat and crowded attractions. While visiting Mallorca in the winter, its best to come prepared and expect cold night but warm days. My parents received 10 days of hot weather on the coldest winter Mallorca has seen in 10 years, Must have been the Irish suitcases.






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  1. Love the cave pictures!!! It looks truly creepy and like you’re really entering another dimension for sure. Thanks for the post and keep doing your thing. OXOXO

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