*WARNING!* Nepal just got sexier

As our adventure date grows closer and our travel bugs begin to awake again, Danny and I excited ourselves further in a conversation of “What to do after Australia”. Chitting and chatting we reeled our bucket lists out to each other when we discovered we had one destination we both wanted but have not listed, #Nepal. Home of the worlds highest mountain and beautiful snowy peaks, we excited ourselves further at the sheer thought of the countries Yetis and Yaks.

Bursting for more #information we bounced around the internet and found Visit Himalaya Treks. With all the information we could have dreamed for in one place, we scrolled through the itinerary’s of the activities that snatched our attention. Gasping to regain our breath from the pictures of natural beauty and dreaming of drinking a cup of tea in front of the Himalaya backdrop, we were hooked. With plenty to choose from we inspected the multiple choices of Trekking, #Sightseeing, peak climbing and more, growing in awe and wonder, our attention was directed to the company’s service, Everest Experience Mountain Flight!

Due to the adventurous nature of #backpackers and travellers, we like to aim big! The worlds most famous adventure has always been to experience The Worlds Highest Peak, an adventure sadly missed by most of us as our safety voices begin to ring. While looking through this site, we began to realise this adventure is not as far from our reach as we initially anticipated! With multiple tours, equipped with experienced staff of the area and first aid officials at hand, trekking and flying through the valleys of an unspoiled land is no longer an unreachable dream.

As most company’s have their hidden little secrets, we were impressed to see that Visit Himalayas Trek takes pride in their services and highlights the included benefits and excluded costs for each of their trip. With no fine lines to investigate we carried on our research by taking ourselves to the blissful world of TripAdvisor and YouTube. Very impressed with what we found, we have decided we are going! Our top tour being the #Everest Experience and exploring off the beaten path, we can not wait to see the hidden beauty of the world in the safety of experienced staff.

Reviewed November 16, 2016

I have trekked with this company 3 times now and every time I have had a wonderful experience! Great staff, flexible guides and wonderful service. They even helped manage everything when one of our team fell ill and had to leave the trek early. Highly recommend these guys! Happy trekking!

Reviewed 2 weeks ago

This was our 2nd amazing trekking with Visit Himalaya Treks simply because they are professional, knowledgeable, have a great network and make you feel at home in Nepal. This time, we travelled to Nepal with our 2 children (7 & 8 years old) and VHT organized the entire holiday within the country including the trekking to Poon Hill.
We had an experience for life and can’t wait to come back to Nepal & travel with VHT again.

Reviewed November

My husband and I chose to take a visit to the Himalayas for our 40th anniversary. Our trip was planned by Visit Himalaya Treks. I never worried about any of the details like hotels, transportation to and from airports, plane rides to and from Kathmandu, restaurants, trekking trips, or our over packed luggage. …Raj was our tour guide and took care of everything for us. He especially noticed I was the weak link in the group and stayed close to me in case I fell. He anticipated our every need. This was the best trip we have taken in our 40 years of marriage. Thumbs up for Raj and Visit Himalaya Treks


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