Top 7 Travel tips!

Have you been bombarded by the 7 million “Tips for travel” yet?? Social media and the internet is great but with so many opinions and different voices who do you listen to?? I will be honest, when I began my travels I did things my way, I experienced and made my mistakes as many others did. Although so much information circulating the internet we do what we do with love and try to give you an experienced view in what we found people may found very helpful to know! As we do not want to¬†throw 700 different tips in your face, we prioritized what we feel is the top 7 tips you need to know! ūüôā

  • Do not forget your electronic equipment!

From working in Hotels and restaurants I have lost count on the number of cameras I have taken selfies on before handing them into the lost and found or the very great full occasions I used a lost and found charger for my phone while I was in work. Was it by chance that a charger that suited my phone was lost? No, a hotel I worked in had a wide variety of any charger you needed! Apple? Samsung? Laptop? Camera charger? You name it! Reception has it! Although I was great full at the time, as I travel I can not imagine the frustration of silliness from losing something I now need to pay for again if I can not locate it. Search your room before you leave, chances are the last time you left your room you had your phone on charge and never unplugged your charger.

  • Have an unlocked phone¬†for any network!

Particularly useful to for couples travelling. It is hard to stay side by side at all times and leaving notes or searching through a huge crowed can cause a small heart attack to your other half, lets face it, even if your mad at them no one wants that. To have the ability to simply pick up your travel phone or personal phone and ring them to say where to meet or let them know your ok goes a long away. The sim cards do die after a period of time but imagine the collection you will have? Do you know anyone who owns a page in their travel journal full a with sim cards from around the world?? How cool would that be!

  • Accommodation with full Wi-Fi!

If your budget allows it, always try to find accommodation with WI-FI. I did the complete opposite when I was booking my first hotel on my travels and settled with “WI-FI available in public areas”. This seams all well and good because your abroad? You will never be in your room so WI-FI does not matter. This is true until you find yourself trying to skype your mother and some drunk guy walks up and tries to hit on you while you are on the phone. Take this as an experienced story! I was not impressed.

  • Re-book tickets for busses and trains online.

This I have only come across recently. While planning our travel from London to Norwich we booked our train and bus tickets online. The price difference to paying on the day and pre-booking online was ridiculous! By pre-booking our tickets we saved ourselves £10 opposed to buying on the day! Also as we searched online we were able to determine what times would be the cheapest route to our destination due to inflation in prices at rush hour. That will always be a lesson learned for me to always pre-book any transportation that I know I will be taking online.

  • Socialize!

For both solo and couple travellers make time to meet people! I have done it myself, I have been so excited to be where I am and the moment I am living in so run around taking pictures to upload later and show all my friends. Yes that is nice but where is the real experience! Meet people listen and share stories! Learn how to say hello or cheers in different languages! Meeting people have been some of the best experiences I have ever encountered and really opened my eyes to help me grow as a person. We grow with people so don’t ignore them and socialize!

  • Christmas and New Years Taxis.

Being abroad on these wonderful festive days can be difficult. A day for family, eating and drinking, being abroad we miss the simple pleasures of¬†normal life. Our first Christmas abroad, Danny and I decided not to dwell on what we felt we were missing¬†at home but to embrace the moment of where we were and the lifestyle we have chosen.¬†After packing our day bag¬†with our travel essentials, we chose our destination and hopped into a taxi as buses were not running. As I work in hospitality, I have never had the opportunity to travel on New Years or Christmas due to work. Well, for those who are like me and don’t know this little fact, the prices are double! Understandable, when I work these days I get paid more so of course the taxi man/woman wants more too right? Just we are his/her wages so for those who wish to travel on these festive days, be prepared to spend for the simple basics of travel.

  • Keep an open mind.

The most important tip for travelling in our opinion. While travelling abroad you will notice and be amazed at¬†how many tourists get off their plane and head to the nearest Irish bar or English bar. Leaving your own country just to experience the comforts of home through the perception of your current destination is widely popular. By rejecting the idea of an aspect another culture embraces is rejecting yourself of allowing you to make an experienced decision to like different things. When I first took my first leap into travel I was very narrow minded, feeling I was more of a free spirit at the time, I soon realised how much of the world I rejected from simple¬†foods like prawns to swimming in the sea. By breaking the culture bound block in my head telling me, “I don’t like that” before I even tried it, I discovered I like a lot more about the world than I could have ever imagined! By keeping an open mind ¬†to the wonders of the world is true travelling and experiencing, if every aspect of another culture is rejected then you may look back in time and be able to say “I have been there” but when you try you can share stories of how you have experienced there.

Check out our YouTube video on this topic where things get a little more personal! ūüôā #Whatisthevoicebehindthetext.




One thought on “Top 7 Travel tips!

  1. Great article!! Always excited for a new post. Could point about the taxi driver on Christmas. Totally forgot I probably should have paid hime more when I was in Stockholm for Christmas this year. Oooppps. LoL Love your positive message.


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