How to get your Facebook page NOTICED!

As the blogging community grows daily, beginning your blog is an exhilarating and scary experience. Fingers at the ready and creativity whirling around your head, writing blog posts becomes an addiction of self expression, experience and opinion. Sending your blog out to the world has proven to many bloggers starting out that we are involved in a cut-throat community. As people scream “Read me, Follow me!!!” through various social medias including Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook it seams almost impossible to get you word out there. So how do we do it? what is the secret to obtaining that small glance of chance for you to be heard?

I am not going to lecture you on “Good Content” and “Rome was not built in a day”, these things go without saying! Everyone has different opinions on what they deem to be good and bad, just because they would have wrote it differently does not mean the way you write is “Bad”. The secret to online recognition is in fact social media but which social media do you choose? As a short answer, all of them, as a more focused answer, Facebook. Facebook is the worlds must recognised social media, as a woman of hospitality other hospitalians will understand sometimes, we need a break. I took a break from my career when I was 20 and began a small business with gel nails. I promoted my business though Facebook pages and I made a nifty little profit from it too! Your blog is no different.

Facebook has branched its tools greatly to help businesses and blogs obtain the best chances possible to spread your work to people who takes a genuine interest in the topic you have chosen to cover in your blog. As I focused on the foundations of my blogs content, I was completely lost and spend way too much money on Facebook ads attempting to encourage people to even “Like” my page. As I searched through hints and tips on various videos on YouTube I quickly became very frustrated and annoyed. It was then I decided to get my own answers.

I joined a number of blogger groups on Facebook related to my blog and conducted a poll on “What is the best method to voice your Facebook page”. After a week of other bloggers contributing their experience to the created poll the results proved that Facebook groups is the best method to increase your pages activity. Curious with my result, I posted some of my some of my content on various pages, the results for this did not go in my favour as instead of supplying feedback to the post I had created, other bloggers linked their posts under mine in a “Read me, Follow me!!” stand off. Confused and again, frustrated I began to wounder why facebook groups had been so highly recommended? That’s when I realised, instead of shoving my posts in other bloggers face why not work as a team? I have seen many people call out to other bloggers offering a “Like for Like” agreement. Deciding to give it a go, I posted my like for like offer before I logged out and got drunk with friends. Upon waking up the next day and firing up the laptop I was stunned at the results. My page Love2LiveTravel had doubled in likes, increased drastically in activity, our blog had been nominated for a Liebster Award and Facebook had awarded me with a €10 coupon to further advertise our page!

Drastic changes to my page over night.


Over the moon and bouncing off the walls I could see our blog rapidly getting noticed! As I sat in the sitting room with my morning cuppa, I happily returned the favour for every blogger that liked my page and expressed my gratitude. Some people can often be a bit cheeky and say they liked it but didn’t, honestly, just leave it. Most bloggers have a genuine interest in growing their blogs with others and helping those who ask for it.

With so many online groups to choose from, which one do I choose? Through much trial and error I found these 3 groups to be the most responsive.

Travel Bloggers

Tipmytip Travel Experts

Bloggers Corner

So what are you waiting for? Your Facebook page awaits you! 🙂 Please keep us updated with your results by commenting below! Happy Liking! 🙂 xxxx

P.S, For the Instagrammers, here are some Hashtags I found really helped for my account Love2LiveTravel Instagram , enjoy 😉



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