Travel in body and soul with Natural Nomadics! *Guest Post*

Explaining your world of travel is an aspect truly enjoyed by many bloggers. Sharing our tips and experiences, the stories we love to tell often reach out to others who are considering the backpackers lifestyle. With the growing blogging community finding your right blog to relate to can be difficult. Thankfully through the beautiful world of Facebook, I connected with Josh Rushford, creator and author of Natural Nomatics , A Travel blogger who not only tugs on the strings of your curiosity through bucket building posts such as 7 Magical places you must visit before you die but also prepares future and existing travellers with his soothing post on Why Travelling is good for the soul

Through the inspiration of Josh’s views on the world and voiced opinions, I have found my bucket list for travel have grown to areas I did not know existed, Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives? COOL!!! Check out Josh’s page in any of the links above to be inspired by his words just like I have 🙂

Traveling to unfamiliar or even scary places will develop your mental discipline, though in a much more harsh and unsubtle way. It will force you to make decisions you don’t usually have to make and by doing so it’ll make all of your decisions in life that much more important.- Natural Nomadics.


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