Planning a trip to Greece?? *Guest Post*

Hey Everyone!! After a fun day of booking flights and hotels, Danny and I got chatting about maybe taking part of a ski season when we return from Australia! After many stories provided by our friends Austria seamed to be the “place to be”. Considering this for the near future, I was shocked when I stumbled across Giorgos Spyridakos blog Travel Definition. Giorgos opened my eyes to a less known destination for skiing, Greece! A native of Greece, Giorgos shares his knowledge of what to do and where to go when planning a trip for snow, sun or sightseeing adventure!

The blog guidelines to Greece!

A personal favourite of mine, Giorgos post, Sking in Greece?? breaks away from the norm perception of sandy beaches and crystal blue waters and wraps you up in a big coat as he takes you to Athens! Filled with descriptive information and useful links to aid you through your planning for a winter break to remember. If your like me you might find that skiing all day and drinking all night is just a bit, repetitive, for my liking. I like to mix it up, g0 skiing, cycle a bike and maybe hunt through a cave! However we can not have it all though right? Or so I thought until I read Giorgos post on You have to visit Kalavryta. Everything you need all in one post! A dream come true as a native of Greece takes us by the hand and guides us to witness first hand the hidden beauties of his country and supply us of the knowledge we really need to truly visit Greece in all its glory. Don’t be shy to check out more of Giorgos hints and tips through the links provided above to see more of through a natives eyes. 🙂

A huge thank you to Giorgos for allowing me to feature his posts in my blog!! I can not wait for more information he cares to share with us in the future! 🙂

All posts have been written and published by Giorgos Spyridakos.

Featured photo has been captured and supplied by Giorgos Spyridakos.




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