*WARNING* Homesick little Irish girl.

Travelling abroad is the most exciting experience many embrace as you fly across the sky to a new destination. Months and years of experiencing new cultures and cuisine can grow into a lifestyle more than a pastime. Although exciting and an exceptional form of personal growth, we all miss our real home every now and again, my home been the sweet village in a town called Carlow, Ireland.

Becoming homesick is an emotion not missed as you fly across the world, your accent becoming slightly altered and the simple pleasures of home is missed, things that seamed of unimportance before has now become an obsession. As travelling is still a lifestyle and in life, we all have bad days. Some days easier to accept than others, reminiscing on past memories with friends and witnessing loved ones grow through the application of messenger. The thoughts of returning home can be powerful.

My home been the sweet village in a town called Carlow, Ireland.

I have experienced this a lot through the year of 2016, through an 11 month residence in Mallorca, my dog from home, Kiara, passed through giving birth to her babies, Lucy and Lilly and my niece Chloe reached the age of 5, I yearned for an Irish accent and a good packet of Tayto. With Australia in sight, a trip back home for the holidays was not feasible. As I missed home Danny noticed my change of mood. Hours long conversations back home did not ease my yearn but a good movie of The Snapper   and a surprise gift of Tommy Tiernan kept the homesick feelings at bay. Although crazy but guess what is available on Amazon! Tayto! I personally have never ordered Tayto off Amazon but come on how funny is that! 🙂


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