Planning your trip to Thailand.

Growing in popularity, backpacking the mystical land of Thailand has become the worlds most talked about topic. A country filled with waterfalls, beaches and authentic Full Moon parties, Thailand forms all these aspects together with its unique culture and kind people. Described by many as “a different world”, finding information when planning a trip to Thailand is of no distress thanks to multiple Thailand enthusiasts about their experiences. As information is obtained easily regarding destinations and activities that may peak your interest, bombarded social media outlets and over recommendations can increase your travel expectations to an undesired level and blind how you truly wish to fulfil your experience.
The beauty of travel is the mystery and self adventure we indulge ourselves in as we grow through our personal experiences. Over information can strip us of this aspect in travel, planning our adventure in someone elses footprints can be seen as sharing an experience instead of creating your own story. Over planning can cause distress to a future trip as you begin to feel “I feel like I have been there before” or “I expect too much of that area”. As a new traveller to Thailand, in a relationship with a Thailand enthusiast whom will not be mentioned, *cough* Danny *cough*, I understand this confusing frustration.

This is what I did to work with it,


Danny has so many amazing stories of Thailand. A subtle mix of party and adventure these amazing stories are what gets our inner travel bug motivated. From countless nights of daydreaming towards the moment we finally make our mark on Thailand, I extracted ideas of interest and locations to consider later as part as a new travel route. I understand when 20 different people are expressing their individual experiences it can be very annoying when trying to determine the route you wish to undertake, however, this is their expression of excitement and pride in the experience they encountered, after your visit you may be another Thailand enthusiast so be careful with their feelings.

Own research.

Consider what best perked your ears of interest throughout the many conversations you embarked yourself on and consider each location,
Bangkok shopping?
Chiang Mai Tiger zoo?
Maya bay, The beach?
Authentic full moon party, Koh Phangan island?
Off track mountain trekking?
Fire shows?
Excursions? Diving, rafting etc..
Now consider what you would like to experience?
Unmentioned destinations?
Picturesque travel?


Now that we have an idea of what we want, we can conjoin our provided information to our own footsteps and reconstruct a new path across the island that you wish to take. Time plays a huge role in what you wish to do, a lot of backpackers take 3-4 months to venture the island. As we all don’t have this luxury, fitting so much into 2 or 3 weeks can seem impossible. Danny and I will only spend 2 weeks on the mystical island as we stop off for a holiday as we travel towards Australia so, what will we do?

As Danny has travelled Thailand previously in his life he provided many recommendations, I however wished for new foot prints filled with culture and history. Starting in Bangkok we will venture towards the old capital of Thailand when it was once known as Siam. After embracing the history of Ayutthaya we will continue our journey to Chiang Mai to the Tiger zoo. After 3 days of tiger cuteness, Krabi is our next destination before we sail off to the Phi Phi islands where the famous movie “the beach” was filmed then finish in Phuket where we will jet from there to enjoy 10 days in Bali. A gentle mix of recommendations while creating new footsteps across the island. A new story to tell and experiences to share. The main detail to remember when planning any route of a destination is to remember, plans change, no route stays the same, so don’t worry too much about moving to the next destination. Our short holiday to experience Thailand will be an unwelcomed cut off but as Australia awaits us to venture, a longer period to backpack Thailand and neighbouring countries will be back on our list in the future to come.

A moment is to be lived, live for the moment.


4 thoughts on “Planning your trip to Thailand.

  1. My boyfriend and I visited Thailand last year and I think we were bombarded with everything you said. It was hard downplaying expectations and having our own experience. We were only able to go for 3 weeks and it was definitely a great time, but we felt like we missed out on so much! I think that my downfall was inadequate planning. We’re planning our trip back for a couple months in the spring of 2018. I wish you luck on your trip!

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    1. It is very difficult not to over expect when the very mention of Thailand people swarm around you filled with stories. Very interesting and recommendations are always good but some mystery is good to have! 🙂 We are only going for 2 weeks this time but we will be back again in future for a few months just like you! 🙂 Thank you so much, best of luck on your travels. 🙂

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  2. Haven’t been to Thailand but I haven’t failed to see its rise in popularity over the past couple of years. I’m assuming it’s a great place to backpack and go from place to place. In which case I can totally see why planning is important.

    Loving your blog by the way, would you be interested in taking your writing to the next level and also sharing your work elsewhere. I’d love to talk to you about our platform. Simply shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested, you can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    1. Hey!! Yes, Thailand has quickly rose to become one of the most popular Backpackers hub on a budget! I can not wait to expriences its culture for myself. 5 more weeks whoop whoop!!! 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 I will contact shortly 🙂

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