8 Amazing instagram perfections you wont believe only have 250 followers or less!!

As a beginner to the blogternet, I understand first hand the difficulty to get your word out there. Dispite discussion groups, various social media and online opportunities unless you begin your blog or social media with 1000 followers, becoming part of a group topic is very unlikely. Upon reaching my first 100 followers milestone on instagram I sat and thought of the great saying,

Great things happen when writers work together

Thrilled with this new milestone I thought of how every milestone was once reached by those with 1000 followers and the excitement felt as each milestone is reached. As travel bloggers, uniting to write together can be very difficult, however joining our picturesque memories of the world and sharing our experiences with eachother is what I believe travel is all about. Reaching out to social medias, I called upon “the little guys” just like me. Sharing experiences we discussed current locations and future adventures. So enough about how it happened, I now present you with Instagrams most amazing photos!

#1 Meg Moutrie.

“I shot this while in the souk markets in Marrakech, Morocco. I love the way the light reflects off the lanterns – to me, it really captures the feel of Marrakech. – Meg Moutrie.

Continue to be amazing by the creative photography by Meg! Just follow this link ->  Meg Moutrie instagram!

#2 Talita Soncini.

We’ve been blessed today with an incredible sunny day! Very rare in the normally miserable English winter! Perfect day for a nice walk along the coast! – At Dancing Ledge, Dorset Coast, England

Walk alongside with Talitas travels by following this link! -> Talita Soncini Instagram

#3 Irina Duane

A real winter, million of lights, ice skating on Red Square… It’s Christmas time in Moscow, Russia. – Irina Duane.

Not only filled with travel delights but also family focused treasures, follow Irina  in her journey through professional photography here!

-> Irina Duane instagram!

#4 Genesh Vancheeswaran.

 A Buddhist monk quietly contemplates Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, India. – Genesh Vancheeswaran.

Witness the relaxation and wisdom captured by Genesh by following this link! -> Genesh Vancheeswaran Instagram!

#5 Shauna Kelly.

The volcanic island of Tenerife shows its beauty throughout a gentle stroll along the coast of Santa Cruz – Shauna Kelly

#6 Liane Liade

Dancing around the world is about being one with the people. Seeing a new place while dancing with every you is like a ritual: you all get closer, you share your feelings and emotions, you become one beautiful entity. – Liane Liade

The combination of photography and words that Liane delivers so beautifully is not only seen here, follow this link to see more authentic Liane! -> Liane Liade Instagram!

#7 Maria Cecilia Dela Cruz.

A risky photo shoot that I have made without any regrets! It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.  The water is seriously scary splashing near me but moments like this is some the best moments of my life. – Maria Cecilia Dela Cruz.

To stand by Maria in more of her adventurous travel photography, simply follow the link here! -> Maria Cecilia Dela Cruz Instagram! 🙂

#8 Sara Morrow.

I love to travel. I LIVE to travel! Infact, my husband and I blew our wedding fund – eloping in New York and spending our money on new adventures – cancelling the big white wedding much to our aghast families! It was the perfect start to our married life, and set the precedent. Travel time is ‘our time’. No work calls or emails!   On dreary January days, its dreams of far flung places that get me through. Planning the next adventure is part of the fun. Travelling opens your mind to cultures and people – giving you perspective that long outlives the joy of a new car or amazing shoes! Making memories that will last a lifetime are worth every cent of my paycheck! I love looking back through my photos – takes you back to the moment, the feel of the sun on your face and the sand between your toes! – Sara Morrow.

Keep up to date with Sara’s love story across the globe here! -> Sara Morrow Instagram!


9 thoughts on “8 Amazing instagram perfections you wont believe only have 250 followers or less!!

  1. I love this post! Couldn’t agree more it is definitely about people of similar interests coming together whether that be online or in a hostel over a glass of wine!! We started our journey with an Instagram account which grew quite quickly with both of our friendship groups coming together, however the blogging stuff is a different story we are new to this and are finding all a bit alien! Like how do we get ourselfs out there in an already very established environment! Only time will tell! Until then we’ll continue being the little fish loving what we do! Love your blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are the very same! Very new to this and we love it! Whenever we reach a new milestone or have a new idea a fresh bottle of vino is popped open and greatly enjoyed! 🙂 We are looking into moving onto a youtube channel very shortly thanks to our new laptop! Exciting times! 🙂


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