Life in Tenerife

Following an amazing summer in Mallorca, What to do in Mallorca, Summer edition., Danny and I set off to experience a winter season on the mother island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife. An all year resort filled with sunshine and exciting tourism, Danny and I endulged ourselves in the Islands blissful winter climate of 24 degrees. Situated in the Atlantic ocean, just left of Morrocco and Western Sahara. The cooling chill of the Atlantic ocean and warm Saharan breeze created a comfortable atmosphere upon the island as problematic aspects of heat such as humidity is banished. A dream come true for many tourists whom experience the island regularly. With tourism growing yearly, an astonishing report was released by Tourism-Review, showing that 5.3 million people visited the island in 2015 alone. Due to the islands high demand in tourism, Tenerife supports its tourism from 2 serving airports, one airport located in the North of the Island and a second airport located in the South of the Island.

Tenerife is not only popular for its luxurious lifestyle of tourism and sunshine, but also for its volcanic history. The dorment volcano, Mt Tiede, shadows the island with an elevation of 12,198 feet above sea levels and was the 8th most visited world heritage site by Unesco in 2015. The last recorded eruption of this famous volcano dates back to November 1909, this eruption is told to have changed the landscape of the west of the island. Examples of cooled lava canals and structures can still be seen today above and below sea levels. Unfortunatly due to snow and time limits, Danny and I did not have the oppertunity to visit this major attraction, however Visiting Tiede has all the required information and more when planning to visit this amazing volcano. Due to the volcanic history of Tenerife, beautiful black beaches designed by the hands of nature circulate the island. An unusual sight and ray attracting asset, the black beaches of Tenerife work hand in hand with the islands attractive climate to enable tourists the possibility to achieve the deep golden brown tan, proudly paraded by locals.

A life of soaking up the sun and drowning ourselves in our favourite cocktail is certainly a dream come true, however can get boring over time. Luckily Tenerife has so much more to offer than just the typical bonuses of travelling around a volcanic island. From the rocky landscape, quickly elevating mountains, regular transport and water activities, you can be assured to eliminate the possibility of “nothing to do”.

What to do?

Santa Cruz.

An island filled with regular and affordable buses and car rentals services, the island of Tenerife is your oyster. A trip from the hotspot of tourism, Las Americas, located in the south to the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, located in the north for a day of shopping or exploring is no costly or timely excursion. A city full of life and historical background, Santa Cruz fulfils all aspects of shopaholics paradise and sightseeing pleasures.



A trip to the waterpark is no longer an ordinary day out but instead an experience of culture within a culture thanks to Siam Park. Rated number one on TripAdvisor, this Thai inspired Water Kingdom stretches along 46 acres of funfilled activites for all the family. Opened by the Royal Highness of Thailand, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, this amazing attraction stands out from other waterparks for its wildlife black and white swans, relaxing lazy rivers and adrenaline slides. If your looking for a cooling and relaxing drift or to slide beneath a tank full of sharks, Siam Park is the destination you are looking for.


Back in our home lands many of us cherish the memories of visiting the zoo with our loved ones, watching the scary tigers and enormous elephants from afar. The zoos in Tenerife however, take one step further in these cherished memories. A day spent at Jungle Park highers future expectations when embarking on other zoo visits. Apart from exotic creatures of the wild to bask upon, Jungle Park also obtains a restaurant meal over looking a sea lion show allowing individuals to recieve a kiss on the cheek from the star of the show. The free fly zone tests your nerves as numourous species of tropical birds fly freely through the crowd and overhead as you stroll side by side with nature.

Mountain Climbing.

To those who exhaust at the very mention of mountain climbing, exhaust no further. The rocky landscape of Tenerife fills itself with quickly elevating mountains suitable for any difficulty level. The combination of the gentle slopes, planned walkways and breathtaking sights allows the less advanced mountain climber to enjoy all the sight seeing benefits of an advanced climber, without the leg ache the next day. Undertaking our trip from Los Christianos to Palm mar, Danny and I decided to do so via mountain walk. The gleaming sun and gentle Atlantic breeze softly building a tan as we stroll along the well flattened walkway of the mountains edge around to the mountain peak. Ensure to pack a small picnic and plenty of bottled water, although a gentle and rewarding stroll, the climate of Tenerife gives false sence of hydration.

Boat rentals.

Most of us have wished of once owning our own boat. The wind flowing through your air as you sail across the sea, a dream requiring patience, training and money. A stroll around the harbour of Los Gigantes turned this dream into a reality. No licence required, Danny and I hopped aboard and set sail into the Atlantic ocean. A feeling of a carefree life embraced us we glided above the rippling waves and basked upon the stunning sights of The Cliffs of the Giants. Meeting others along our travels on the sea, we were informed of a resting point where we could tie our boat and enjoy time jumping from the boat into the sea and snorkel around the area. A social gathering like nothing we have experienced before, only accessible by boat, we cherished our temporary life as boat owners.

Our time in Tenerife is a time well cherished. Full of memories and amazing sights of scenery and volcanic history, Tenerife is a location that must be experienced at least once. This island has given us unexpected experiences and unforgettable memories, truely A winter to remember.


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