What happened to the world??

Crime, pain and evil,

A dark blanket fallen as we describe,

“The world is a cold and dark place”.

Tears, heartbreak, and sorrow,

Creating an autmosphere of fear we refer to,

“The real World”.
Years of shelter and comfort from home,

One free we build on fear for protection,

Protection, Protection from who?

“The cold and dark place”?

“The real world”?


We protect ourselves from you.
Filled with emotion and life,

The world contains no fear,

Expressing astronomy in beautiful shades of darkness and light.

Providing a chance for life and evolution from sea creatures to man.
The world protects us as we join under its O-Zone layer,

We are given a nest for life and growth,

Only to destroy it.
Bombs and hatred,

Carbon footprint and waste zones,

We blame the world for its destruction,

Its painful death to mask our own sorrow.

“The world is a cold and dark place”,


Humanity is a cold and dark creature.


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