Travel is very expensive, so why bother?

In life we surround ourselves with the urge to gain as much of that little piece of paper that runs lives, cripples relationships and determines our class in society. We all know what this paper is that we infatuate ourselves with, Money. “Get rich or die trying” everything we touch obtains its materialistic desire topped by a hefty price tag, mortgaged house, nice clothes and pretty table mats all comes with a cost determined our financial capability. What if we decided to change the materialistic was of thinking that conkers the world and walk through out lives with inner richness instead of financial. Breaking away from the rules of society, step into a new realm of living where fancy cars do not determine our lives and a rich public image is not our goal.

The material possessions we buy and protect for a short while always loses its face value, breaks or soon replaced. Constantly battling to upgrade our lives through products and services we obtain for what? So Sally down the road is impressed when she first walks through the door? What tales do you have to tell apart from an evening full of parading the newly bought additions to the household or a fashion show of the new Winter Wear. Where is the life in that?

Danny and I live our lives in travel. We decided we do not live for our social class or materialistic products. Instead we live for the richness of life through memories we obtain, the wonders of the world that we can share and the pictures through the globe that will always stay close to us. Houses turn into ruins in time, cars get scratched, vases get broken and clothes get worn all elements of life that now need to be replaced. The memories that Danny and I have can never be taken away from us or damaged, costing us €1,800 to begin in Tenerife, €3,000 to begin in Mallorca and €11,000 to travel to Australia with holidays to Thailand, Bali, England and Ireland in between.  With €15,800 to only begin in each location, Danny and I could set settles ourselves into a beautiful life but with no stories to tell, with that I must ask you,

Is a life with no tales to tell really a life lived at all?

That’s why you should bother with travel, that’s why you should break away from the mental block we obtain though society that travel is too expensive. Life is to be lived and what you make it to be so forget the fancy hotels and the materialistic life of cocktails and servants that you indulge yourself in as you lay by the pool away from your normal life in the real world and be smart with the money you obtain and create your life experiences through culture and experiences that are free instead of materialistic self gain.


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