Why we chose Travel over our Careers!

Separately Danny and I chose the life of travel and began our adventures around the world. Upon meeting each other in Mallorca we shared our views on how the politically correct route to living in our society today pushes others back from fulfilling the life they truly wish to obtain. From a very young age we ask our children “What are you going to be when you grow up?” pushing them to succeed in their education only to award them with a life changing decision at the tender age of 18 or younger in order to further their education with more equations and assignments before they become qualified to their chosen career path in life. Not only does the years of dedicated education reward us with a piece of paper, it also brings us to our part in society where we merge with others around us and begin our lives as adults. Securing a good job position in our careers and building a foundation for our future lives, what if? we didn’t?

What if, we decided to wait and held the inevitable path of settling down and building a secure home and family for another few years? I chose the career path of hospitality, from my own experience of graduation and climbing the career ladder, I felt the pressures of society forcing me to succeed yet again to please the tax man and settle down in life at the age of 22!! Stubborn and wanting more from life I decided to say NO to the 5*career that was set ahead of me from the decisions from my 18 year old self, I decided I wanted to tell a story to my future children, inspire them of the world instead of only holding the experience in life that society wishes for us to obtain, my career can wait and yours can too.

As I watch my college colleagues grow in their professional career, a small voice in my heads shouts to me “your only a waitress” just as many others do. So what?? What if you are at the bottom of your career ladder. Where is it going? The life goal that has been set out for you to pursue is still going to be right where it is when you have decided that you are finished with what you would like to do in life. Take a year or even 4 years, your life will end the very same to people who work all day and sleep all night so why waste it on goals that were set out for you to achieve?

In the modern age of life we focus too much on the mind washing, back breaking little aspect to life we call money. Have you heard anyone say, “I would love to travel but I don’t have the money”, “I want to go on holiday but the mortgage just came in” or even “I don’t earn enough money to begin what I want to do”. I am 24 years of age and I travel the world on a waitresses salary. We make money to mean so much but it doesn’t, no matter what you would like to do, its societies view that has been embedded in your head that holds you back from preform what you wish to preform!

Our advice to you is to step back from what the world is telling you and do what you would like to do. Your dream life will be there when you return and you will have a story to tell of how you came to where you are today with memories and pictures to look back on. Growing with life instead of in it we work to live, Not live to work. Happy with our decision, we encourage others to think outside society and will step out of the norm and ask children of a young age “Where would you like to see before you grow up” We chose travel over our career because we said no to what we were told to do with our lives by people we never met and decided we were not ready to settle down. If your not ready either, you should say no too.



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