What to do in Mallorca, Summer edition.

Mallorca, one of the beautiful islands located in the Mediterranean sea also known as the Balearic Islands. A popular location for tourism throughout the duration of the summer months, Mallorca provides numerous resorts and services suitable for both leisure and employment. Welcomed by locals, the island is most “alive” from the months of May to October as the poor souls of Ireland, England and Germany seek an experience of sun, sea and sand. Regardless your reason for travel, Mallorca offers a little of everything for everyone.

A little of everything for everyone;

Fitness fanatics.

A fitness paradise, Mallorca offers several opportunities for fitness fanatics to fulfil their needs, using only the surrounding nature to motivate them. A cheap and healthy lifestyle available just outside your door.

  • Snorkelling/ Swimming. For those who have never experienced nor heard of snorkelling you are in for a treat. The baby blue crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea enables snorkelers a perfect vision of life under the sea, the summer sun expelling the expense of wet suit rentals requiring only the freedom of swimsuits. Topped off with a practically wave less sea due to the 7.7 mile gap between Europe and Africa, essentially creating a giant pond to aid the less sea comfortable personnel. With all aspects taking into consideration Mallorca obtains the perfect recipe for all ages to enjoy the seafront from swimming to educational personnel growth as you swim side by side with life under the sea.

  • Cycling: Mallorca has re-built its island due to the growing population of cyclists. Ensuring utmost safety to the cycling community, cycle routes are defined throughout Mallorca highlighting prime view points, cultural experience and freedom of choice for difficulty required. I personally am not the most confident person when cycling but I greatly enjoyed the well planned safety and heritage sites along the blissful cycle route of Palma Bay. Bike rentals ranging from €10+, depending on type of bike, Palma Bay stretches throughout the Capital City enabling cyclists to enjoy the amazing architecture of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, historical water fountains and the sunny blonde beaches on a smooth three and a half hour cycle. I highly encourage a planned supply of rehydration, particularly in the summer months as dehydration may come unknown to cyclist due to the carefree cycle and sea breeze. Many social stops are located with easy access along the seafront enabling cyclist to secure their bike as they enjoy a the view of Palma Bay on a sunbed with a cold drink of their choice. Besides Palma, Mallorca offers much greater experiences to cyclists. As I am not comfortable in the criteria of cycling, I recommend those who are to Adam, author of “Mallorca Cycling” who will advise you all around the island to find your perfect route. Mallorca Cycling

Sight seekers: Sight seeking, perfect to escape the hectic life of society and unwind from our busy schedule’s to focus on what’s important in life, living for the moment. As Walt Witman beautifully discribes,

Happiness is not in another place, but this place, not in another hour, but this hour.- Walt Witman.

Mallorca encourages this feeling of freedom from the simple witness of natural beauty as the islands landscape sweeps your breath away and the relaxed lifestyle enjoyed by locals in casual cafes and blonde beaches.

Serra De Tramuntana: Locally referred as the Northern Backbone of Mallorca, Serra De Tramuntana travels from the northwest to the southwest of the Island. Standing at a staggering 1445 meters above sea level at the peak of Puig Major, Accessible to the public all year around, Serra De Tramuntana enables locals and tourists to bask upon the true beauty of nature at a birds eye view. Endless sights of the protected pine cone forested landscape, astonishing examples of mountain valleys and a front row view of the lifestyle of carefree wildlife as mountain goats scale the mountains walls with ease, happily jumping from rock to rock.

A tremendous experience available through any type of travel you desire; walk, cycle, climb or drive, Serra De Tramuntana provided a “on top of the world” feeling as I undertook the scenic drive around the mountain with my partner Danny. Surrounded by beauty, I highly encourage caution to be taken when deciding to experience this scenic route by car as distraction causes a high risk to drivers and passengers due to the repetitive turns and rapid increase in altitude. Safe view points are available throughout the drive to enable drivers to enjoy the mountains beauty safely.

Local Villages: Spoiled for choice, Mallorca is filled with multiple villages throughout the island all inherited with their own take on beauty and Spanish tradition. Difficult to choose only one to expand my experience, I chose the blissful town of Sőller due to sentimental reasons. Our first trip from our resided location as a couple, Danny and I travelled to Sőller as an experience itself as we boarded, “Tren De Sőller”. Also referred to as Ferrocarril De Sőller by Spanish locals, it translates to Railway of Sőller , the train undertakes it’s journey towards the northern town of Sőller from the city of Palma as it cruises past fields filled with mouth watering lemons and oranges and sails through 13 tunnels of the famous mountain Serra De Tramuntana before gracefully approaching the large railway station of Sőller. A blissfully scenic journey, packages may be purchased allowing use of both “Tren De Sőller” and a tram from Sőller railway to the port.

Flexible in times, the travel to Sőller is an attraction in itself, growing in popularity I would highly recommend experiencing this journey at least once to anyone who visits Mallorca. Tickets can be purchased at the Train station in Palma located just right to the main bus station in Plaza De Espanya.

Tren De Sőller Information page.

Port of Sőller, balanced beautifully between a busy tourist hot spot and an authentic Spanish village, Sőller offers both a relaxed atmosphere and a welcoming feeling to the Spanish culture. Famous for their wide produce of enriched oranges,  Sőller embraces their produce with pride, serving the most refreshing and rehydrating glass of orange juice interpreted into different styles. Perfect for the hot climate of the summer months as you glance towards the seaside embracing the seafront breeze in a healthy yet luxurious style. Depending on your fancy, the Port of Sőller alone offers activities such as a floating platform anchored to the seabed for water lovers to jump, swim and dive to their hearts content, walk along the port and beaches or even fascinate yourself as you feed the gathering and eager fish from the port walls. Indulge yourself in the authentic villages cuisine and produce as you choose from the several welcoming restaurants located along the beach side as the sun sets. Sőller proves to be a prime location to receive the much needed rest and relaxation without the expensive price tag of a hotel spa. Nature and man coming together to truly appreciate the world around us. Apart from Sőller, I could write for days on the beauty Mallorca holds,  however I will post a gallery of the different locations I visited in Mallorca and name it’s location for you lovely readers to browse through and maybe visit yourselves.

Let’s get ready to party!

Ok, so let’s leave the inner hippy in the corner for a moment and admit, we all like a drink or two every now and again. After our much needed rest and relaxation is restored, it’s time to let your hair down and have a dance. From a wild night out to a social gathering, no matter what your ideal surroundings are, Mallorca has not failed us yet. Sectioned into party resorts and relaxed cultural bars, their is many choices of the type of area you would be interested to situate yourself. I focus on the two most popular areas for both types of drinkers, Magaluf and Palma.

Magaluf. Known for reckless binge drinking and out of control sex crazed youths, STOP! It comes from great passion I object to these statements as the small resort is slandered solely due to the actions of a small number of idiotic youths whom just escaped their mothers watch and the scornful power of the media paying tourists to act intoxicated as they record a documentary on the area. Used for exotic backgrounds such as the party location on “The inbetweener movie”, Magaluf is not what it is portrayed to be. Home to numerous five star hotels and amazing family entertainment, Magaluf offers the relaxed and entertaining family friendly holiday, perfect for all ages. Establishments such as katmandu provide games and entertainment while the wild party life of “the strip” containing a string of multiple clubs and bar’s all located to one street (for when the babysitter takes over). The bar’s located on the strip compete with each other as they advertise tempting drink offers and obtain a wide selection of music suitable for any taste. From Indi music to up-to-date charts or even a ride on a bull, your party bar is located on Magaluf strip to attend to all your “let down hair” needs. Fun for all, let caution be taken on the excessive consumption of alcohol and remember, you’re not at home now, no one is here to baby sit your idiotic actions.

For those who may enjoy a more relaxed social gathering, I would advise my two favourite venues Papis and Taylors. Papis pride their work on amazing customer service carried out throughout a large indoor and outdoor floor, containing comfortable couches mixed with nights of live music and entertaining comedy shows on televisions that cover the area, (perfect to entertain children). Papis is a name to remember as it never fails to secure a social night to remember.  Taylors, a casual sports bar filled with young energetic and cheerful staff, Taylors specialise their profession on their expertise of exotic cocktails and complimenting garnishes for a wide selection of gin, a nice pint too for the less particular client who only wishes to enjoy their surroundings. Professional and energetic, the staff at taylors bar are always more than happy to be of service and create the much needed atmosphere, often missed from some establishments, without the necessity of loud and anti social music.

Palma: The heart of Mallorca, A city full of culture, and jaw dropping views of Spanish heritage. Practicing traditions daily, the Spanish stride as prime examples of a well balanced social life. From party clubs to quiet cafés, Palma has it all. Spoiled for choice at the multiple establishment’s of Palma, my favourite party venue always referred me back to the Shamrock. Located just on the outskirts of Palma, the Shamrock stands above the usual stereotype of your typical Irish bar abroad. Homesick at Halloween, I enjoyed the homely, well thought out design and atmosphere of the Shamrock as it ignored all usual temptations of cringy Leprechauns sprawled across the venue. Attractive to many nations, the Shamrock does not limit itself to only Irish music but also up-to-date charts and reggae musicians, my favourite band in particular “Apple and the pips.” A well selected playlist of Irish and top of the charts music the Shamrock is the perfect location without the need to bounce from bar to bar.

From the outskirts to the heart of Palma, cute cafés populate the city serving a spanish tradition, câna y tapas, translated to half a pint and a tapas. An amazing combination for those who wish to fully experience the beverage and cuisine that Mallorca has to offer without the hectic nightlife and headache the next day. Centered ideally in Plaza De Espanya, serveral welcoming and attractive bars and cafés spoil you with choice as you roam the city with ease.

Mallorca offers so much for such a small island, seasonal worker, tourist or potential resident. Mallorca offers a home from home to many as the island is filled with opportunities and friendly locals who is always more than happy to help when someone is in need. I have expressed my love for this blissful island but please,dont just take my word for it, here is what some locals had to say when I asked them “why did you fall in love with Mallorca” on a local social media site (I have a question).

I fell in love with mallorca over 25 years ago and the place that made me fall in love was cala san vicente in the mountains in the north of the island – Vicky Wilson-Undy

To me it’s the diversity of the island that makes it so special. You can enjoy the seaside, but the mountains are beautiful too and set it apart from so many tourist beach resorts. The pine trees which are protected here add to the the beauty of the island and give it an always green and romantic feel wherever you go. ❤ Mallorca! – Anonymous

A beautiful island with everything you want.nice beaches,culture,mountains,nice city,party or relaxing whatever you want:)😎🌴🎸 – Marianne Meijer

It just felt I’d arrived home -Debbie Martin
The light in Mallorca is like nowhere else on earth. It’s golden glow. The magical shadows cast in the Traumuntana.The millions of lights reflected from the sun that make the sea sparkle no matter what time of year. After 22 years here it still takes my breath away. I will never tire of my darling Mallorca as it never ceases to amaze me and still brings me such delightful surprises. – Michaela Bowyer


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