A message to Mister Trump.

Dear Mister Trump,

I would like to introduce you to my friends, different in Culture, Religion, Gender and Nationality. I am not going to lecture you on the ridiculous statements you have cast into the world creating an ocean of anger, immigration and a leap back in time demeaning humanity to racism and ignorance. Oh no, I wish only to explain to you what your ignorance to “them”, them that are different to you, is limiting YOUR PEOPLE of America from experiencing. The picture above contains 10 Nationalities, each one made a mark on my life as they taught me, laughed with me and reached for what I needed without complaints whenever I yelled “legs!” (I am the small girl in the middle).

My Polish friend, Marcin; Very different to my bouncy Irish culture, Marcin is your typical straight faced machine. Dispite his personal traits seaming difficult to connect with, Marcin taught me that people very different to me in personality can be trusted. For one who rarely smiled, he smiled for reason, eliminating any thoughts of “two faced” actions or “gossip queen” traits, this Polish Man provides comfort when in need to speak of personal concerns.

My Italian friend, Salvo; Stereotyped as lazy and hot headed, Salvo defeated this stereotype with ease. A hard working Italian man who slaved his butt off through six months of seasonal labor in treacherous heat and shared his experience as he thought less experienced employees to fulfil his position to a high standard as he had done. A friendly and caring person who loved to laugh as I spoke to him in the type of Italian I knew (boppity boppy) and held me with compassion as I received news from home that my beloved dog Kiara had passed away and broke down in work uncontrollably crying for my loss.

My Moroccan friend, Usif; Different culture, different race, different religion, same idea for life. Upon speaking to Usif before we began our day of work we spoke of travel and our beliefs in life. As I expressed excitement for further travel, Usif congratulated me on my mature sight for life comparing me to a mutual acquaintance of ours whos life is filled with greed for money. It is then Usif encouraged me to keep my beliefs, dispite witnessing how society intended us to live then he asked me;

How much money do you need in your bank to be classed as rich – Usif, Mallorca, 2016.

It was then I became proud in my decision and motivated to keep going with how I wish to live my life as money is paper that comes and goes, memories is where wealth truely lays.

My Scottish friends, Alan and Craig. Alan, The hot headed kilt wearing chef! A hard shell to break and dark sense of humour but once understood his quirky personality, a happy and giving man surfaces. Craig, a family man and great friend. A man that put the Irish to the test when drinking and gives the French a run for their money as he expresses his romantic story between his beautiful Czech Republican wife Petra and cute as button mallorcian daughter Brooke.A father to all, Craig shows no hesitation to help those in need. Proven to be the best man to have at hand when surrering with an allergic reaction on your eye due to a mosquito bite.

My Spanish friend, Kristiana. A beautiful, funny and extreamly girly woman. Kristiana defined the spanish locals as she helped me improve my spanish language. A difficult language, I had been mocked by others who learned the language with ease and discouraged by most who ordered me to “just speak english” dispite my efforts, Kristiana took the time to aid my direction in learning, swiftly improving and gaining confidance in speaking the second language. A prime example to her kind and welcoming nation to “foreigners”, where effort is praised instead of mocked and discoraged.

My Latvian friend, Luize. Also known as “Legs”, Luize is living proof to the world how taking a passion in your employment and career does not require settlement but can be embraced around the world to build experience beyond a book. Teaching others and herself of the world, asking questions of my home country Ireland and answering my questions about hers. Luize introduced me to common eastern european celebration I have never encountered known as Name Day. Curious to know more, Luize expressed no judgement of my ignorance and allowed me an insight of her mothers name day, celebrated the next day. Amazed, I now feel a small percentage more knowledgeable to the eastern european culture. A popular woman for all, no hesitation was showen as we bid farewell for Luize to continue her travels and expand her knowledge. (Front bottom right)

My French friend, David. David has proven himself on numourous occasions to always think of others before himself. A human version of a puppy dog, David shows his heart of gold through continuous good deeds and displays of effection. David feels no shame in embracing his French culture and breaking boundaries of personal space most fear to break to ensure everyone around him feels special. A kind, funny, childish and generous man who loves to love.

My Hungarian friend, Peter. Although tall and buff, Peter defies the typical stereotype of the male attitude. Deeply in love with his girlfriend Lila, Peter refuses to give in to the male stereotype of “bad boy” and expresses sensitivity and compassion for life. Crazy into his fitness, Peter taught me about his physical adventures only possible from his lack of fear and healthy lifestyle. From extreme hiking to yoga on the beach at 6am as the sunrises, Peter encouraged me to value my bodys health and embrace fitness as a lifestyle, enabling me to truely experience some of the most beautiful and hidden views. Balanced accordingly with a healthy social life with the less fitness fanatic hungarians, experiencing the Nationality’s beverage, Pálinka.

My English friends, Kayleigh and Lisa. Both doing England proud, Kayleigh and Lisa express a well balanced mixture of sensitivity,craziness and enjoyment of an odd alcohol beverage or two. Filling everyone around them with laughter and character, Lisa provides an atmosphere of family gathering,  valued by many when away from home, as Kayleigh ensures a trusting circulation of various shots was available and memories. Trusting and chatty, these two woman define fun in their own way influencing all around them to just enjoy life.

Just for you Mister Donald J Trump, Mister President, I introduce you to my friends.  All different and with much to offer to the world in their own way. With this I dont express anger to your recent statements but instead, I express my deepest condolances to whatever happened in your life for you to view the world so ignorantly and negative. Your beliefs stating you need to make your nation “great again” a statement I have only heard so rarely. All our nations have good and bad features but the people I have met, We believe our nations are already great, with only a few people who disgrace them. Where I come from we have a name for these type of people Mister Trump, these type of people deserve this name due to ignorance and idiosity and truthfully, Mister President, your a “gobshite” too. With that, I bid you goodbye, slan, arrivederci, Uz redzēšanos, adios, Do widzenia, Au Revoir, Viszontlátásra and وداعا.


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