4 Types Of Travel That Prove You Have Not Lost Your Chance To Explore.

While working in Tenerife and Mallorca as a waitress, I met a lot of people who were particular interested in my chosen lifestyle to work on the move. While speaking to these people that I have just meet that a day while serving them their medium-rare steak the most common response to my story is,

 “I wish I did that when I had the chance”.

My question is, when did that chance ever disappear? #Travel does not appear in only one form where you wander the world looking lost and confused. There is many different ways to travel that suits any lifestyle despite your financial situation, age or situation in #life.



#Lifestyle travel is usually deemed the only way to really travel. From bouncing to multiple areas of interest and building a temporary lifestyle, financially supporting yourself though work before moving to the next location. This is what Danny and I are, but there is much more to travel than seasonal working and years away from home.



Oh how seasonal workers envy you, as you lay by the pool on your two week #holiday in another country, we serve you cocktails and desserts. Although only a short holiday from your years work, a holiday is travel, allowing you the opportunity  to taste different food and embrace a different #culture.

A gap year,


Lets face it, we all need a break. After years of studying in college you have graduated and ready to begin building your career. As now is the politically correct moment to begin building your future, why not take a gap year? Your career, home and future plans will still be there when you come home to start building. After a year away or even 6 months you will find when you return you will feel refreshed and ready to begin building your future.

Home travel,


Unfortunately when people think travel they think abroad. Why do we think this? Travel is not about jumping on a plane or boat and venturing to a new country, Travel is about moving location and seeing something new. I have mentioned this to people in the past from both #Ireland and #England and they responded to me with the same question you are thinking, “Why would I want to stay at home with its horrible weather?” Ok so we are known for our bad weather but we also attract millions of tourists from hot countries a year! Think of what we have got and not what we lack, White cliffs of Dover, Guinness Brewery, London eye, Cliffs of Moher, Castles and history. To obtain the ability to speak to others about your own home is an ability sadly lacked through this world. Sometimes the best cultures is our own.

With all these different types of travel no one should ever feel they have “Lost their chance”.  Understandably, many reasons or personal traits such as children, home bird, mortgage payer, low income of disposable cash, a student or difficulty getting time off work (a reason I personally dislike) can lead you to believe this. The world of travel is not combined into one section, its a book waiting to be opened, you just need to find what chapter works best for you.

If you need a little more inspiration or know of someone who would really benefit having this chat on a more personal level, check us out on #YouTube and subscribe to keep up-to-date on our travel videos 🙂


10 thoughts on “4 Types Of Travel That Prove You Have Not Lost Your Chance To Explore.

  1. I love the fourth point the most! I’m making a conscious effort to see more of Ireland this year – and it is still taking me time to get used to taking less weekend breaks away because I keep forgetting that I am still travelling, I’m just travelling Ireland! Great post 🙂

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    1. Ireland is beautiful! The landscape and the heritage that we own in Ireland is breath-taking! Well done on your travels! Danny and I have promised to travel around our home lands together after Australia. 🙂 He is going to show me all around England and I am going to show him all around Ireland. 🙂 As the saying goes, “A world is not travelled if you have not travelled your home” 🙂 Let us know about the places you have travelled to and the things you have seen, we would love to hear more of your adventures. 🙂
      *Suggestion* The view when you walk up to the top of Mount Leinster is amazing!

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    2. Two friends of mine and myself walked right in last weekend. There is a chain-link fence around the building, but the fence near the front door has been removed as I write this. We live here in NW Indiana. I think it ha2#n&8s17;t been torn down yet because 1) It sits next door-about 15 feet away from an occupied high-rise Senior Citizen complex-The old “Hotel Gary”, and because of that, 2) It would cost much more than any other building in the City to demolish.

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  2. Better bl#8o&g230;Some habits are good for you and others are not. The same is true for your blog. Some of your blogging habits, meaning those things you do repeatedly, are good for you and your blog’s growth and improvement while others are distractions that stop you …


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