What Is Love2LiveTravel About?

Hello! Welcome to Love2LiveTravel!

As you can see, WE LOVE TRAVEL! The travel bug is addictive, anyone that knows someone who loves to travel also know we love to talk about it! Danny and I are so excited to share with you our adventures around the globe as we aim to experience the wonders the world has to offer! Not only do we wish to talk about what we have accomplished but we also care to advise YOU along your footsteps through the wonderful lifestyle of travel and motivate YOU to make that first leap into the mystical land we call The World. Skip to your desired location with ease as we update out blog drop regularly providing you with all the information that you need from our first hand experiences! Read your way into our lives as Danny and I connect with you on a personal level  in our post The questions behind the blog, ANSWERED! We understand that sometimes you don’t want to read. What happened to the good old days where we were read to? Kick back with a cuppa and chill out as we go that extra mile and speak to you face to face though our YouTube drop and find what you would like to hear about! We can not wait to getting chatting to you all through your comments, likes and Subscriptions 😉 Chat soon guys! The world is calling! 🙂  xxxxx

Note Danny and I would like to send a special Thank You out to those who have donated to our page. As travel bloggers, finance can often be an issue. It is with your help we can keep doing what we do and would not be where we are today without all your co-operation and generosity. We can not express our gratitude enough, Thank you all so much.

Donations are not required but greatly appreciated by Danny and I to ensure our ability to keep our work up to date for your enjoyment. If you would like to contribute and help Danny and I in our travels around the world please do so by clicking on our donation button located on the right of our Facebook page. All contributions both big and small is greatly appreciated. After you have donated please comment to us and let us know so we can show our gratitude and include you in our “wall of AWESOME PEOPLE!!!”  Your financial safety is important to us so we have created our donation button with the security of PayPal.  Alternatively, if you are travelling like us or have a holiday coming up but would like to support us, you can do so by booking with AirBnB through the link we have provided. We will receive €30 travel credit and you will also receive €30 off your first stay! We both win!! 🙂 Thanks to everyone again,



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